November 23: The late R. L. Burnside was born in 1926


“He was a happy-go-lucky nihilist…. he took things exactly as they were. No more, no less.”
~Matthew Johnson, the founder of Mr. Burnside’s record label, Fat Possum.


“I didn’t mean to kill nobody

I just meant to shoot the sonofabitch in the head.

Him dying was between him and the Lord.”
― R.L. Burnside

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Bob Dylan: 10 concert videos you MUST see from the 90’s


When I chose these 10 must-see Dylan concert videos, I emphasized on performance 70% & video/sound quality 30%.

I’ve only chosen from videos published here @, they are all available here:

Please drop a comment, lead me to great Dylan videos from the 90’s not posted on alldylan or just tell me your favorite(s).

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Todaiji Temple
Nara, Japan
22 May 1994

Performance ******
Video & Sound ******
comment The event & the orchestra, Dylan was way out of his comfort zone & performed out of this world. Probably the best Dylan video from the 90’s.

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November 22: Bob Dylan: second recording session for.. “Bob Dylan”, 1961

bob dylan album 1962

CBS is proud to introduce a major new figure in American folk music—Bob Dylan.
Excitement has been running high since the young man with a guitar ambled into a
recording studio for two sessions in November, 1961. For at only 20, Dylan is the most unusual
new talent in American folk music.
His talent takes many forms. He is one of the most compelling white blues singers ever
recorded. He is a songwriter of exceptional facility and cleverness. He is an uncommonly
skillful guitar player and harmonica player.
~Stacey Williams (“Bob Dylan” LP. liner notes – March 1962)

Dylan comes across as obsessed with the romance of dying, but the speed, energy and attack
in his guitar, harmonica and voice show how fresh and excellently ‘unprofessional’ he was.
Yet what comes through from the album as a whole is a remarkable skill and more than a hint
of a highly distinctive vision.
~Michael Gray (The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia)

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November 22: “The White Album” by the Beatles was released in 1968

beatles white album I rank this as the third best Beatles album, and it is of course a rock masterpiece. When I converted to CDs this was my very first buy, I love it! The Beatles is the ninth official album by the Beatles, a double album. It is commonly known as the “White Album” as it has no graphics or text other than the band’s name embossed (and, on the early LP and CD releases, a serial number) on its plain white sleeve.

Yer Blues:

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November 22: Elvis Presley released “Elvis (NBC TV Special)” in 1968

elvis nbc tv special

I want everyone to know what I can really do
~Elvis Presley (to producer Bob Finkel)

Elvis delivered an incredible performance throughout the television special. His vocal performances were loose and gutsy…
~John Bush (

Trouble/Guitar Man:

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