Bob Dylan covers by 5 great Soul Ladies


It is strange how well Dylan’s songs sound in these interpretations by African/American women. They are so different from the originals, yet they seem to convey the songs meaning in an even more direct way than Bob Dylan’s own versions. They might not be better, but they’re excitingly done and very good in a different kind of way.

1. Nina Simone – The Ballad of Hollis Brown

2. Odetta Holmes – Tomorrow is a long time:

3. Mavis Staples (w/Johnny Lang) – Gotta serve somebody:

4. Nina Simone – I Shall be realeased (not complete but the only live footage I found):

5. Patti Labelle – Forever Young (songs starts 3 min. into the video):

6. Randy Crawford – Knocking on Heavens door:


Update (see comments):

I just have to include this incredible version of Gotta serve somebody by Shirley Caesar from Masked and Anonymous soundtrack:

– Hallgeir

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