November 24: Bob Dylan @ Hammersmith, London, England – 2003 (Videos)


bob dylan hammersmith 2003

Great 2003 concert.

bob dylan hammersmith 2003

Hammersmith Apollo
London, England
24 November 2003

  1. Drifter’s Escape
  2. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
  3. Cry A While
  4. Girl From The North Country
  5. Romance In Durango (Bob Dylan–Jacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
  6. Dear Landlord
  7. High Water (for Charlie Patton)
  8. Tough Mama
  9. Floater (Too Much To Ask)
  10. Million Miles
  11. Jokerman
  12. Honest With Me
  13. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
  14. Summer Days
  15. Cat’s In The Well
  16. Like A Rolling Stone
  17. All Along The Watchtower


  • Bob Dylan (vocal & piano)
  • Freddie Koella (guitar)
  • Larry Campbell (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
  • Tony Garnier (bass)
  • George Recile (drums & percussion)

bob dylan hammersmith london 2003


bob dylan hammersmith 2003

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11 thoughts on “November 24: Bob Dylan @ Hammersmith, London, England – 2003 (Videos)”

  1. Okay. Just listened to Jokerman. Best live version I’ve ever seen. What do you think, Egil? ‘Cause I would just love to see it if there’s one better. I never liked the one on Letterman Show for some reason. Listen to Floater right now and I feel like I’m layin’ under a tree, hands behind my head, a weed, preferably the illegal one here In the states, hangin’ from my mouth and just enjoyin’ nature. Romeo, he said to Juliet…What a show!

  2. This is just killer stuff, Egil .”Romance in Durango” Wow. And I saw him open with “Drifter’s Escape” around the same time in, I believe, North Charleston, South Carolina. Gave me a whole new appreciation for the song. Really rocked the place, And “You Ain’t A Goin’ Nowhere.” Just classic Dylan. Like I commented under HB’s (…he lived on the outskirts of town) forum, …tomorrow’s the day my bride’s gonna coooome… classic, conjured up memories of seventies stretching of line endings. I haven’t even listened to Jokerman yet. Gonna go do that now. Thanks so much as always. This Yank really appreciates it.

  3. Great song selection and my favorite band, with Freddie Koella and Larry Campbell. Thanks.

    1. I have to say it again…fine show featuring the fantastic Freddie Koella.
      Girl From the North Country in particular.

  4. I’d like to take a little credit for the rare outing of Romance In Durango. On the day before the gig I posted on asking why Bob hadn’t played anything from Desire for years. Sadly he didn’t repeat the song when I saw him at Birmingham later in the tour.. Great recording – thanks. 🙂

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