March 22: Bob Dylan – The Letterman rehearsal, NYC 1984 (video)

bob dylan letterman rehearsal 1984

With this band, one thinks, Dylan could have set the world on fire again.
~Paul Williams (Bob Dylan: Performing Artist, Vol 2: The Middle Years 1974-1986)

Here are the full video from the rehearsal.

NBC Studios
Rockefeller Center
New York City, New York
22 March 1984

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Justin Poskin (guitar)
  • Tony Marsico (bass)
  • Chalo Quintana (drums)

  1. I Once Knew A Man (?)
  2. Jokerman
  3. License To Kill
  4. Treat Her Right (Roy Head)
  5. My Guy (Smokey Robinson)

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11 thoughts on “March 22: Bob Dylan – The Letterman rehearsal, NYC 1984 (video)”

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I’ve only embedded videos from youtube in my post.
      I know there are tools you can use for capturing youtube videos down to local disk. Give it a search…

    1. I remember watching Dylan’s 1984 performance in my friend’s parents’ living room…when Infidels was my favorite album in the world and I was listening to several times a day. What a thrill!!! The first time I spun that record on my turntable (Halloween day 1983) I realized “Jokerman” was a masterpiece!

      The broadcast (not rehearsal) version of Jokerman:

      1. Poorly written–and in need of editing. The Dylan performance was, of course, on the television–not in my friend’s parents’ living room. I think I have spun that right!

  1. Indeed, this was Dylan as best as he could be in that dark age, with the sound that would have made Infidels the masterpiece it had the potential for, especially if it would have included Blind Willie and Foot of Pride and excluded the one dimensional and oversimple rocker Neighbourhood Bully. It even looked cool, which you couldn’t say of his persona he came up with on Empire Burlesque. Great video’s!

    1. Neighborhood [without the “u” as it would be spelled, too, in The Guardian] Bully Is a terrific song! (I was disappointed Dylan didn’t perform it at either the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem concerts at which I was in attendance.) Union Sundown is the blatantly weak track that should have been dropped, and the one that Mark Knopfler was furious at Dylan for including–against their agreement.

      1. Returning to this a year later on my 58th birthday: Well NeighbOrhood Bully, glad our tastes differ, that’s the world for us, and for that matter, I would have even liked it more if Infidels had been a glorious double album with as side three Someone’s got a hold of my heart, Tell me, Clean cut kid, Lord protect my child, and side four Foot of pride, Blind Willie McTell and Death is not the end. It would mean there would be some I don’t like that much, like Death is not the end or Tell me and N B, but it would paint such a wide canvass of inspiration. Bootleggers please release that on vinyl, and maybe even with the awesome electric version of B W M included. (sorry, maybe instead of N B, I had to put in that remark, just toe tease). By the way, Union Sundown is one of the most relevant protest songs he ever wrote, and nicely sung at that.

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