October 17: Bob Dylan – Seville, Spain, 1991 (videos)

bob dylan sevilla 1991

Guitar Legends was a concert held over five nights, from October 15 to October 19, 1991, in Seville, Spain, with the aim of positioning the city as an entertainment destination to draw support for Expo ’92 beginning the following April.The event featured 27 top guitarists, including BB King, Brian May, George Benson, Joe Walsh, Keith Richards, Les Paul, Robbie Robertson, Robert Cray, Roger Waters, Albert Collins, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. The vocalists included Rickie Lee Jones, Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker.

..what a FANTASTIC version of “Answer Me”!

Auditorio de la Cartuja
Seville, Spain
17 October 1991
Leyendas de la Guitarra

  1. All Along The Watchtower
  2. Boots Of Spanish Leather
  3. Across The Borderline (Ry Cooder/John Hiatt/Jim Dickinson)
  4. Answer Me (Gerhard Winkler/Fred Rauch/Carl Sigman)
  5. Shake, Rattle And Roll (C. Calhoun)
  6. I Can’t Turn You Loose (Otis Redding)


  • 1 Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) backed by Phil Manzanera Richard Thompson (guitar), Jack Bruce (bass), Ray Cooper (percussion), Simon Phillips (drums)
  • 2-4 Bob Dylan (acoustic guitar & vocal), Richard Thompson (acoustic guitar)
  • 5 Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) backed by Keith Richards (guitar), Steve Cropper (guitar), Edward Manion (saxophone), Chuck Leavell (keyboards), Charlie Drayton (bass), Steve Jordan (drums)
  • 6 Bob Dylan (guitar) together with the other performers this evening, among them Dave Edmonds, Steve Cropper and Ray Cooper

..are rewarded with a superb three-song acoustic set. A slightly-at-a-loss Richard Thompson embellishes Dylan’s plaintive singing and light strumming with some virtuoso acoustic guitar work. If ‘Boots of Spanish Leather’  might seem an obvious choice, covers of “Across the borderline’ and ‘Answer Me’ transcend their original selves.
~Clinton Heylin (A Life of Stolen Moments)

 bob dylan sevilla 1991

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