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Bob Dylan’s best songs: Shelter From The Storm #28


Thank you! This is the story of my life, this next song.
~Bob Dylan (before Shelter From The Storm – Earls Court, London, England – 20 June 1978)

“Shelter from the Storm” on Blood on the Tracks is a beautiful performance-and a very intimate one, relying on the closeness of the studio microphone (picking up subtleties of guitar playing as well as voice) and the passionate commitment of the singer to create a delicate framework of call and response around a tune that would otherwise be rather monotonous in terms of melodic and verbal structure.
~Paul Williams (Bob Dylan: Performing Artist, Vol 2: The Middle Years 1974-1986)


Studio versions

Check out:

There are two officially released version available:

jerry Maguire version


  • recorded 17 September 1974 (take 7)
  • released on “Jerry Maguire – Music From The Motion Picture” – December 10, 1996

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Bob Dylan: 4th Oh Mercy recording session, 12 March 1989


“Most of them are stream-of-consciousness songs, the kind that come to you in the middle of the night, when you just want to go back to bed. The harder you try to do something, the more it evades you. These weren’t like that.”
~Bob Dylan (to Edna Gundersen, Sept 1989)

The Studio
New Orleans, Louisiana
12 March 1989
4th Oh Mercy recording session, produced by Daniel Lanois

  1. Most Of The Time
  2. Most Of The Time
  3. Most Of The Time
    “Most of The Time” is a “big song,” a major work, the sort of listening experience that brings people back to an album again and again.
    ~Paul Williams (BD Performing Artist 86-90 & Beyond)

    Overdubbed: Malcolm Burns (bass) 19 April 1989
    Released on: Oh Mercy – 19 September 1989

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Videos of the day: Govt Mule covers All Along The Watchtower


All along the watchtower must be one of the most covered songs Bob Dylan has ever written, and there are some good ones, and yes, also the greatest cover of them all. Jimi Hendrix made it his own and Dylan even altered his way of playing the song after hearing Jimi’s version, or so the story goes…

The three takes we are going to present today are very different, very jazz-tinged and very good!

The first is from Mountain Jam 2009 with Karl Denson on Saxophone, he does a tremendous job! Warren Haynes’s guitar is equally impressing in this 13 minute masterpiece.

Gov’t Mule – All Along The Watchtower (2009):

“For nearly three decades, legendary saxophonist Karl Denson has been getting crowds around the world out on the dance floor. Approaching iconic status, Denson has moved bodies and minds dating back to his earliest years with Lenny Kravitz’s band through his ongoing tenure as a founding member of seminal boogaloo revivalists The Greyboy Allstars and his current roll as a member of San Diego dub rockers Slightly Stoopid. Nowhere, however, is this more apparent than with his own band, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. Touring relentlessly for the past 15 years and leaving a massive audience in his wake.”
– Karl Denson’s Facebook page

Our second choice is recorded Dec 16th 2006 at the Warren Haynes 18th Annual Christmas Jam. We get a groovy take with Gov’t Mule, Dave Matthews and Branford Marsalis. Warren’s playing is even better than in the first video.

Gov’t Mule – All Along The Watchtower (2006):

Our last version is an audience recording, but very lively and close to the band. Members of The Sanctuary Blues  joined Govt Mule’s 1st 10-year anniversary Concert at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC 02.06.2014. The sax solo is switched for fantastic trumpet and trombone solos.

Gov’t Mule – All Along The Watchtower (2014):

What a soulful voice Warren Haynes has!

– Hallgeir

The Avett Brothers plays Bob Dylan


The Avett Brothers from Concord, North Carolina is made up of two brothers, Scott Avett (banjo) and Seth Avett (guitar), as well as Bob Crawford (double bass) and Joe Kwon (cello). Mike Marsh (drums) and Paul Delfigia (keyboard) are touring members of the band, with Kwon featured on recordings from 2007’s Emotionalism and later.

I saw them at Oya Festival in Oslo a few years ago, a great concert.

The Avett Brothers have spent much of the past decade nurturing their skill as songwriters, along with their skills as vocalists and musicians. That said, most of their shows include very fine cover songs. I have dug up some fine interpretations of Bob Dylan songs.

The Avett Brothers talk about their favorite album: Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”:


The Avett Brothers pull out a Bob Dylan cover in Columbus, OH @ Lifestyles Communities Pavilion 5/19/2012.

The Avett Brothers – The Man in Me:

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8 fine cover versions of Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist Of Fate”



Check out:

Nobody sings Bob Dylan as Bob Dylan off course. There are however nice interpretations of many of his songs.

Here are 8 fine covers of “Simple Twist Of Fate”:

Jerry Garcia Band, August 7, 1977, Keystone – Berkeley, CA

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