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Photo Special: Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience live Stavanger 16 Dec 2012


Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience live Stavanger 16 Dec 2012

Me and my wife Kathrine had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful band again last sunday, it was a good concert. Last time we saw them was in a church, not so this evening. Cementen, a local, rock club/pub was the venue and it suited the band equally good. Some of the band took came over and said hello, They’re  just the nicest people!

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As I said it was a great evening and well worth the trip, I took a lot of pictures (Nikon D7000) and shot some video on my trusted Nikon compact (Nikon P7000). Enjoy, and be sure to check out the Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience next time they are playing close to you. I guarantee that you’ll have a fun night out!


My old friend Jesus (yellow tint by me to “enhance the folksy gospel feel”):

HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-10 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-9

They’re not following you:

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Video of the day: Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down live on Letterman

Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down live on Letterman

L.A. blues/rock band Vintage Trouble played on Late Show with David Letterman a couple of nights ago and absolutely blew the roof off the house with an incredible performance of Blues Hand Me Down, the single from their 2011 debut, The Bomb Shelter Sessions.

We have written a little bit about them before, but nothing prepared us for this mindblowing performance!

Singer Ty Taylor owned stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater, it was tight and loose at the same time, well I think you know what I mean.

Just incredible!


Monster Magnet live in Haugesund, Norway 2012

Photo special

‘It’s A Satanic Drug Thing – You Wouldn’t Understand’ – warning on the album, Spine of God

Monster Magnet is an American stoner rock band. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, the group was founded by Dave Wyndorf (vocals and guitar), John McBain (guitar) and Tim Cronin (vocals and drums). The band first went by the names “Dog of Mystery”, “Airport 75”, “Triple Bad Acid” and “King Fuzz” before finally settling on “Monster Magnet”, taken from the name of a 1960s toy made by Wham-O, which Wyndorf liked when he was a child. (Wikipedia)

Monster Magnet had managed to become one of the most successful and influential bands associated with the so-called underground “stoner rock” scene. And yet, their influences span much further than that scene’s foundations in ’70s hard rock and metal, delving into space rock, psychedelia, and beyond. ( (by Eduardo Rivadavia))

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Jace Everett live in Haugesund 2012

Jace Everett and his excellent band gave us a sweet but short concert in Haugesund last night, maybe it was because they had caught “The Svalbard Flu” that it was over so fast or maybe that’s the way they do it. I prefer longer shows, but I know a lot of people who prefer them short and sweet.

Mr. Everett clearly struggled with sickness but he gave his best, and we got some great tunes, old and new.

The following song was described as “A blues in E for those of you who keep track of those things” I cannot recognise the song. It might be from his new album, which he described as an album of religious songs, ” it should fit right in here in Norway”.

Edit: Thanks to Lisafemmeacadienne (check the comments) who told me the song was One of them from the 2010 album Red Revelations. How did I miss that! I think  I should also say that the comment about the song and Norway was delivered in a very “tongue in cheeck” manner.

The song has some strong religious images, and it kinda reminds me of a song Tom Waits/Nick Cave could do. Good song.

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Ida Jenshus live in Haugesund

We had a fantastic night at Høvleriet in Haugesund last night. We want to come back, what a venue and what an atmosphere! Thank you.
– Ida Jenshus (on her webpage)

Ida Jenshus has recently released her third album, Someone to love. The album is a departure from the country on her two previous records, into a more airy sounding country/rock/songwriter style. The obvious comparison is Emmylou Harris’ collaboration with super-producer Daniel Lanois, but I can also hear Kathleen Edwards and Mary Gauthier in the quiet stuff, and Lucinda Williams in her more uptempo stuff. I like the direction she’s taken. I like the first two records but I think her concerts have showed a truer Ida Jenshus, and finally it is reflected in her recorded work.

The wonderful Tender Leaves:

We saw Ida Jenshus with a great group of musicians at Høvleriet in Haugesund last friday, there she dedicated a very fine version of Tender Leaves to Chip Taylor. An artist that Jenshus has worked with lately and have played with on several occasions. Chip Taylor is the man who wrote Wild Thing and Angel of the morning.

It was a lovely show that varied from tender moments into full blown guitar jams, never dull and, man, what a great group she’s touring with! The audience clearly liked what they heard, quiet listening and attentive, and it was great to see this many people coming out to see Ida Jenshus. Country flavoured music isn’t always the biggest audience puller.

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