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Iconic Rock Photo: Tom Waits by Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn is a Dutch photographer, music video and film director. He has made two films, but is best known for his striking black and white portraits.

We have chosen this fantastic shot of Tom Waits to present Anton Corbijns masterful photography

– Hallgeir

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  2. last sunday I went to the Anton Corbijn/Tom Waits book launch at &FOAM
    in Amsterdam, hoping Mr.Waits would be there as well…I was not the only one…after standing in line for 2hours I was lucky enough to be with the last 20 people who could buy a copy signed by Anton Corbijn himself…he made a little joke when I said I had been hoping for Tom Waits to be there as well!
    He looked around…sort of grinned and said: ‘I think he just left’
    Later that evening I found out why Tom Waits could not be there:
    He was performing with The Rolling Stones in Los Angeles !
    But the book is terrific…well worth the wait and the price…about one third of it is with photographs by Tom Waits himself…