May 25: Paul Weller plays Bob Dylan – Happy Birthday Mr. Weller

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May 25: Paul Weller was born in 1958

Paul Weller was born 25 May 1958.  Starting with the Punk/New Wave band The Jam (1972–1982), later Weller went on to branch out musically to a more soulful “cool” style with The Style Council (1983–1989). In 1991 he established himself as a successful solo artist, and continues to remain a respected singer, lyricist and guitarist.

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Despite widespread critical recognition, Weller has remained a national rather than an international star, and much of his songwriting is rooted in English culture. That said, he has a devout following in the rest of Europe and abroad. He is also the principal figure of the 1970s and 80s mod revival and is sometimes and respectfully referred to as the Modfather.

Paul Weller – All Along The Watchtower(Live @ Studio 150):

Paul Weller – All Along The Watchtower (Album Version, audio)

Paul Weller with a lovely version of I Shall Be Released (audio):

Paul Weller- Corrina, Corrina (Audio, Demo Version 1995):

Here is a great documentary telling the story of Paul Weller’s musical career, Into tomorrow (BBC):

My favorite Paul Weller album is Stanley Road and it is today’s chosen album:

– Hallgeir

4 thoughts on “May 25: Paul Weller plays Bob Dylan – Happy Birthday Mr. Weller”

  1. I discovered The Jam in 1979 when I was 12. They were my first foray into appreciating music and the impact it can have on life. I have never had an ounce of musical ability myself, but my life was never the same after my cousin played me “All Mod Cons”. Seems a lifetime ago … Happy Birthday to the Modfather !

      1. Nice article ! I’m with you on 1979 > 1991, but like you say, one’s age is the determining factor.

        Obviously, now I am wise enough to know that the correct answer is 1965, when Dylan went electric and released H61R … But I was so much older then …

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