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Feb 10: Bob Dylan – Sydney Press Conference 1986 (video)

bob dylan sydney 1986

There is so much mediocrity going on, every time someone really good comes along it’s like you can’t be too good ‘cause you’re looked at. you stand out. People that stand out in an individual kind of way, they don’t fit into the system because they don’t sell, they don’t keep system commodities going. I thought Peter Townshend’s record was real good.

Who’s Bob Dylan? I’m only Bob Dylan when I have to be Bob Dylan. Most of the time I just be myself.

Brett Whiteley’s Studio
Surry Hills
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
10 February 1986
Sydney Press Conference

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Jan 20: Bob Dylan @ Opera House, Washington 1986 (Video)

bob dylan washington 1986

Opera House
Washington, District Of Columbia
20 January 1986
Martin Luther King Day

  1. The Bells Of Freedom (Stevie Wonder)
  2. I Shall Be Released
  3. Blowin’ In The Wind
  4. Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder)

2, 3 released in the UK on DVD Bob Dylan Live Transmissions: Part One, RMS 2661, March 2008.


  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • 2 Stevie Wonder’s band Wonderlove
  • 3 Stevie Wonder (shared vocal), Mary Travers (shared vocal), Noel Paul Stookey (shared vocal & guitar), Peter Yarrow (shared vocal & guitar)