Scarlet Rivera on Bob Dylan


Scarlet Rivera is an American violinist who was plucked from obscurity to play a prominent role on both Bob Dylan’s ‘Desire’ album and his Rolling Thunder Revue tour. In this interview she discusses being discovered by Dylan, working with his co-writer at the time, Jacques Levy, recording ‘Desire’ and her experiences on the road with the Rolling Thunder band. Published on YouTube in 2013.

Very interesting on one of my favourite Dylan periods.

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– Hallgeir

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Rivera on Bob Dylan”

  1. I have watched these interviews and listened to Scarlet play on Bob’s recordings. Wonderful story and such a great intuition on Bob’s part to have recognized such a gifted musician. If only there could have been more!

  2. absolutely wonderful interview…she’s so intelligent, incisive, forthcoming….great stuff…thanks for posting

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