Photo Special: Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience live Stavanger 16 Dec 2012


Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience live Stavanger 16 Dec 2012

Me and my wife Kathrine had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful band again last sunday, it was a good concert. Last time we saw them was in a church, not so this evening. Cementen, a local, rock club/pub was the venue and it suited the band equally good. Some of the band took came over and said hello, They’re  just the nicest people!

More:  Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience on Johannasvisions


As I said it was a great evening and well worth the trip, I took a lot of pictures (Nikon D7000) and shot some video on my trusted Nikon compact (Nikon P7000). Enjoy, and be sure to check out the Hank W. Rodgersons Gospel Experience next time they are playing close to you. I guarantee that you’ll have a fun night out!


My old friend Jesus (yellow tint by me to “enhance the folksy gospel feel”):

HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-10 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-9

They’re not following you:

HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-8 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-7

Take me down to the river (Eight minute version! last time I saw them it was 4 minutes long):

HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-6 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-5

Where were you (encore):

HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-4 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-3 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-2 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-1 HWRGE_Cementen_16_Dec-11


– Hallgeir


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