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bob dylan 95
Photo: Keith Baugh

“You hear sometimes about the glamour of the road, but you get over that real fast. There are a lot of times that it’s no different from going to work in the morning. Still, you’re either a player or you’re not a player. It didn’t really occur to me until we did those shows with the Grateful Dead [in 1987].
~Bob Dylan (to Robert Hilburn, Feb 1992)

As you get older, you get smarter and that can hinder you because you try to gain control over the creative impulse. Creativity is not like a freight train going down the tracks. It’s something that has to be caressed and treated with a great deal of respect. If your mind is intellectually in the way, it will stop you. You’ve got to program your brain not to think too much.
~Bob Dylan (Edna Gundersen Interview – May 1995)

Ok, here are some of our videos (& some audios) from the archives.

GREAT stuff!







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  1. … always enjoyed your site … Great to see one of my photos in a recent post … Bob Dylan at Stratford-upon-Avon July 1995 … please credit if possible … thanks, Keith

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