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I hear it sometimes on the radio or a record player and I see that it’s badly mixed and it doesn’t sound very good, but what can you do? I’ve got, on Columbia Records alone, 21 or 22 albums out. So every time you make an album, you want it to be new, good and different, but personally, when you look back on them for me all my albums are, are just measuring points for wherever I was at a certain period of time. I went into the studio, recorded the songs as good as I could, and left. Basically, realistically, I’m a live performer and want to play onstage for the people and not make records that may sound really good.
~Bob Dylan (Lynn Allen interview, Dec 1978)

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  1. BLONDE ON BLONDE, although sounding as mellifluous and warm and compelling as an LP COULD sound, is rife with instrumental and vocal faux pas….but as the maestro said: “My music is all ABOUT mistakes!” God love this man!~E

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