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Bob Dylan – Never Ending Tour 1989

It’s not stand-up comedy or a stage play. Also, it breaks my concentration to have to think of things to say or to respond to the crowd. The songs themselves do the talking. My songs do, anyway.
-Bob Dylan (September 21, 1989 – Edna Gundersen interview for USA Today)


The 1988 band (Smith, Parker, Aaronson) backed Dylan at the first three shows of 1989 and at the fifth through the eighth. At the fourth show, and at every show beginning with the ninth (June 10, 1989), Kenny Aaronson, who had to return to the U.S. for health reasons, was replaced on bass by Tony Garnier, who had played with G. E. Smith in one of his former bands. In late July, Aaronson tried to get his job back, but was told by Dylan, “I’m not sure if I wanna change the band right now.” In the long run, Garnier outlasted Parker and Smith, and is still playing bass in Dylan’s touring band.
-Paul Williams (Bob Dylan: Performance Artist 1986-1990 And Beyond)

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