Bob Dylan: 12 Great live versions of “Long And Wasted Years” (videos)

bob dylan 2012
Lille, France – Zenith Arena 2012 – Photo by Oetting creative commons

Is there a place we can go?
Is there anybody we can see?
Maybe, it’s the same for you as it is for me

I ain’t seen my family in twenty years
That ain’t easy to understand
They may be dead by now
I lost track of them after they lost their land

The live versions of this great song from “Tempest” have been a triumph. It has been a highlight @ many of his concerts the last 3 years.

First Ever Live performance:
Oslo, Norway
10 October 2013

Stockholm Waterfront Auditorium
Stockholm, Sweden
13 October 2013

Falconer Salen
Copenhagen, Denmark
16 October 2013

Shake it up baby twist and shout
You know what it’s all about
What are you doing out there in the sun anyway?
Don’t you know the sun can burn your brains right out?

My enemy crashed into the dust
Stopped dead in his tracks and he lost his lust
He was run down hard and he broke apart
He died in shame he had an iron heart

Berlin, Germany
24 October 2013

Le Grand Rex
Paris, France
14 November 2013

Zepp DiverCity
Tokyo, Japan
April 4, 2014

I wear dark glasses to cover my eyes
There are secrets in them I can’t disguise
Come back baby if I ever hurt your feelings I apologize

Two trains running side by side
Forty miles wide, down the eastern line
You don’t have to go
I just came to you because your a friend of mine

Dublin, Ireland
The O2
June 17, 2014

Klam, Austria
Burg Clam (Clam Castle)
June 29, 2014

Munchen, Germany
July 1, 2014

I think that when my back was turned
The whole world behind me burned
It’s been awhile since we walked down that long, long aisle

We cried on that cold and frosty morn
We cried because our souls were torn
So much for tears, so much for these long and wasted years

Cadillac Palace Theatre
Chicago, Illinois
10 November 2014

The Beacon Theatre
New York City, New York
29 November 2014

Ohio Theatre
Columbus, Ohio
16 May 2015

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5 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: 12 Great live versions of “Long And Wasted Years” (videos)”

  1. I must say some of the ‘pirated’ videos we see these days are just outstanding. Especially those with decent sound and close ups. Please keep taking those great videos tapers!!
    Forbidden fruit is the sweetest!

  2. I wish Bob Dylan would allow good videos to be made at his performances. He knows that we know that he is not 22 anymore, he should also know that we still love him and his music!

    1. It’s all part of this game we play, part of the mystery. I’ve enjoyed the ride for 50 years.

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