Bob Dylan – On This Day – September 16


I once read a book of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s letters to some girl, and they were extremely private and personal, and I didn’t feel there was any of myself in those letters, but I could identify with what he was saying. A lot of myself crosses over into my songs. I’ll write something and say to myself, I can change this, I can make this not so personal, and at other times I’ll say, I think I’ll leave this on a personal level, and if somebody wants to peek at it and make up their own minds about what kind of character I am, that’s up to them. Other times I might say, well, it’s too personal, I think I’ll turn the corner on it, because why do I want somebody thinking about what I’m thinking about, especially if it’s not to their benefit.
~Bob Dylan to Scott Choen (SPIN), 1985

Studio work
Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks insert


  • 1978 – Maine Cumberland Civic Center, Portland, ME, USA
  • 1987 – Frankenhalle, Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany
  • 1988 – University Of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA
  • 2000 – Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  • 2007 – Zilker Park, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, TX, USA


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