Bob Dylan Quiz: 1941 – 1960

young bob dylan

This is our second Bob Dylan quiz here at

Last quiz was related to mid-june dates, and just a “test” quiz.

This is a “real” quiz related to Bob Dylan’s life from 1941 (birth) up to 1960.

We got a lot of feedback about too short timelimit on the last quiz so I’ve adjusted it to 120s.

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2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Quiz: 1941 – 1960”

  1. I haven’t done the quiz and yet it won’t let me do it: “You have already completed the quiz before. Hence you can not start it again. ”

    ridiculous scripting. Is it because someone else from my internet location may have done it?
    thanks for nothing.

    1. Hi Gail,
      I believe this is controlled by the the use of “cookies” not IP adresses.
      Over 1500 people have taken the two quiz’es I posted, no one has given me feedback about this yet (until now).

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