July 4: Bob Dylan Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York 1986 (videos)

bob dylan Buffalo 1986


July 4: Bob Dylan  Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York  1986 (videos)

Rich Stadium
Buffalo, New York
4 July 1986

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Tom Petty (guitar)
  • Mike Campbell (guitar)
  • Benmont Tench (keyboards)
  • Howie Epstein (bass)
  • Stan Lynch (drums)
  • The Queens Of Rhythm: Carolyn Dennis, Queen Esther Marrow, Madelyn Quebec, Louise Bethune (backing vocals)


  1. So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye (Weldon Rogers)
  2. Positively 4th Street
  3. Clean Cut Kid
  4. Emotionally Yours
  5. Trust Yourself
  6. We Had It All (Donny Fritts-Troy Seals)
  7. Masters Of WarTom Petty & The Heartbreakers:
    Straight Into Darkness (Tom Petty)
    Think About Me (Tom Petty)
    The Waiting (Tom Petty)
    Breakdown (Tom Petty)
  8. To Ramona
  9. One Too Many Mornings
  10. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
  11. I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know (Cecil A. Null)
  12. Band Of The Hand
  13. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
  14. Lonesome Town (Baker Knight)
  15. Ballad Of A Thin ManTom Petty & The Heartbreakers:
    Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry)
    Make It Better (Forget About Me) (Tom Petty)
    Spike (Tom Petty)
    Refugee (Tom Petty & Mike Campbell)
  16. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
  17. Seeing The Real You At Last
  18. Across The Borderline (Ry Cooder/John Hiatt/Jim Dickinson)
  19. I And I
  20. Like A Rolling Stone
  21. In The Garden
  22. Blowin’ In The Wind
  23. Uranium Rock (Warren Smith)
  24. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


8 thoughts on “July 4: Bob Dylan Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York 1986 (videos)”

  1. The Rich Stadium video was very nicely done, but the visuals are odd. Why is the band performing in the middle of the day, and why didn’t anyone think to give the band a backdrop? The sea of empty seats is jarring.

    I saw the True Confessions Tour when it hit Detroit, within a few weeks of this show. My very first Dylan show. Dylan had a nice groove with Petty’s band but I’m still trying to decide what to make of it. The passion is toned down from what he had even during the Gospel shows five years before, as if he’s second-guessing himself the entire time. From Live Aid onward, he seemed less than comfortable up there. Maybe I’m overthinking it.

    1. Every effort to the zillionth has been worth it …. so nice to watch and hear Dylan playing his little games of twisting the words into melody, all so typically personal to him, yet sharing with us. Good quality-video, too. THANKS HEAPS !!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Egil! Do you by any chance have the video for “One Too Many Mornings?” That is one of my all time favorite performances. Dylan draws out the last word of every line in a wonderful little mini-melody.

    1. Can’t find it on youtube/grooveshark.. If we’re lucky maybe someone else reading this can help 🙂

      1. Thanks, Egil! I’ve got it on *VHS* somewhere… but hopefully somebody here can give us a link! Thanks for all the great work on this site — this is a wonderful resource.

      2. Many videos seem to have been pulled down due to copyright infringement. If you don’t mind audio only, Egil & Zoner, I think the following rendition from the June 29’86 show in Poplar Creek has the same last-word mini-melody effect you speak of. This is on an audio streaming site I found (you can select and listen to that track in an embedded ‘player’, or, apparently (didn’t try this), download an mp3 or zip file)
        Here is the link:

  3. We drove to this from Toronto. The driver insisted on first going downtown to get a Grateful Dead cd for the drive, which made us so late getting out of TO we missed most of the Dead’s show…which was 3 hrs long! we had nosebleed section seats, but once the bulk of the dead-heads had cleared out from in front of the stage, there was room down there. Security had a hard time catching everyone squirting onto the ‘floor’ from the bleachers.

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