Bob Dylan: Stay With Me, Newark, New Jersey – November 26, 2014 (video)

bob dylan newark new jersey 2014

Should my heart not be humble, should my eyes fail to see,
Should my feet sometimes stumble on the way, stay with me.

Wonderful version!

Newark, New Jersey
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
November 26, 2014

  • Bob Dylan – piano
  • Tony Garnier – standup bass
  • George Recile – drums
  • Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar
  • Charlie Sexton on lead guitar
  • Donnie Herron – pedal steel

Like the lamb that in springtime wanders far from the fold,
Comes the darkness and the frost, I get lost, I grow cold.
I grow cold, I grow weary, and I know I have sinned,
And I go seeking shelter and I cry in the wind.
Though I grope and I blunder and I’m weak and I’m wrong,
Though the road buckles under where I walk, walk along.
Till I find to my wonder every path leads to Thee,
All that I can do is pray, stay with me,
Stay with me.

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2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: Stay With Me, Newark, New Jersey – November 26, 2014 (video)”

  1. Agreed – singing with intensity and conviction. Still wish he’d revive some of his own more minor masterpieces, tho’ – Sign on the Window?

  2. he’s growing into this song more and more, I can’t believe myself looking forward to his album of Sinatra tinged covers next year, but I do now!

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