Bob Dylan: Video with 4 songs from 1981 Europe tour


Bob Dylan: Video with 4 songs from 1981 Europe tour

Well, performers feel that.., they don’t feel they’re adversaries, but they do feel that…
they feel a lot of times that their points are not taken the right way or they feel imposed
upon to answer questions that have really little to do with why they fill halls or sell
~Bob Dylan (to Dave Herman, July 1981)

The 1981 Europe summer tour was nothing but fantastic. Here are a video with 4 songs.
I don’t know what venue the 4th song, Mr. Tambourine Man, is from, anyone ?


  1. In The Summertime – Loreley, Germany July 17 1981
  2. We Just Disagree – Mannheim, Germany, July 18 1981
  3. Watered-Down Love – Avignon 25 july 1981
  4. Mr. Tambourine Man – ??

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Fred Tackett (guitar)
  • Steve Ripley (guitar)
  • Willie Smith (keyboards)
  • Tim Drummond (bass)
  • Jim Keltner (drums)
  • Carolyn Dennis, Regina Havis, Madelyn Quebec (background vocals)



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8 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: Video with 4 songs from 1981 Europe tour”

  1. I really believe the 1981 european leg was the last time that dylan was consistantly on his game vocally wonderfully inventive full of suprises. There are some wonderful versions of Mr Tambourine Man that spring to mind.(earls court 29/6/81 .Drammond 10/7/81)

    1. Well glad to know what you believe , hasn’t meant squat to the millions who have filled his concert seats since . I would have missed seeing BobDylan the legend ; this was a thrill I won’t forget . He has wrote & sung some great inspirational music, a real pleasure to hear & one of a kind voice with 2 different tones , most people only have one. Thank God people like you who can’t see the light don’t make such decisions . How many people have filled your concert seats lately ?

    1. this stuff is incredible!!! imagine how terrible life would be if bob would’ve quit in 66,the way all the clever people think he should have!!doesn’t bear thinking about!!!huge thanks for posting!!
      BTW Mr Tambourine wasn’t played at avignon.

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