Bob Dylan’s Planet Waves covered

Planet Waves covered

Bob Dylan’s Planet Waves covered

I love this album, and I think there are many wonderful songs on it. Every time I play it the lesser known songs (if that can be said about a Bob Dylan album) really amazes me.

The originals are better, I agree, but I love to hear what other artists can do with such great material.

It is hard to find good cover versions of songs that are so dear to you, and sometimes you just can not find a decent one. This time I couldn’t find a good cover of Never Say Goodbye so please help me if you know of one.

My favorites here are Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia Band, Norah Jones and John Doe with Lucy Schwartz

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Los Lobos – On A Night Like This:

Jerry Garcia – Going, Going, Gone (live, April 10, 1982 – Late Show – Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ):

Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia Band – Tough Mama:

Lerishna & Ripatti – Hazel:

Mickey Smid (?) – Something there is about you:

Norah Jones – Forever Young (at a celebration of Steve Jobs’s life):

This is the official “Forever Young” music video for NBC’s Parenthood from the soundtrack:

John Doe & Lucy Schwartz – Forever Young:

Erik Truffaz – Dirge (Feat. Sophie Hunger):

Eryn Shewell & Pat Ruh – You Angel You:

I could not find a good enough cover of Never Say Goodbye, I love the song and was surprised that it had been covered so few times.

Let’s listen to the original:

Blind Willies – Wedding Song:

– Hallgeir

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  1. “Never Say Goodbye” by Jim Thompson on the album “Cosmic Cabin memories”? Try this one to fill the gap in your covers project – I think it’s rather fine.

  2. Favorite Dylan album. Los Lobos’ ‘On a Night Like This’, Norah Jones’, ‘Forever Young and the Mystery artist, “Something there is About You’ are my favs here. Thanks for posting.

  3. “Never Say Goodbye” is at once a beautiful other-wordly song of spiritual and worldly devotion to a woman while also too short of a song. I’m always hoping something will be pulled out of the archives that will reveal some additional verses. And Robbie’s guitar is amazing – it’s right there with the emotion and yearning of the song.

  4. Hi Hallgeir, try to find the CD “Nearer To The Fire” (2008) by Onkel Tims Hütte from Germany. I think their version of “Never Say Goodbye” will make you happy! If you have no chance to get it, let me know your adress…

  5. I disagree with Joni Mitchell and I do think this is a great album. Interesting that there aren’t any good covers of Never Say Goodbye since I think it’s probably the 3rd or 4th best song on the album. Also I’m convinced at this point that Jerry Garcia covered every single song Dylan had written up to Jerry’s death.

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