Documentary: The Mike Bloomfield Story

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“the guy that I always miss. . . . He had so much soul. And he knew all the styles.
I think he’d still be around, if he stayed with me.”

– Bob Dylan (2009)

Documentary: The Mike Bloomfield Story

IN CELEBRATION OF Michael Bloomfield’s 67th birthday anniversary, offered a video biography of the legendary guitarist, detailing his remarkable career with images, interview clips and music. Created by filmmakers Nick Lerman and Alex Wernquest, and by site-manager David Dann, this three-part narrative begins with Bloomfield as a young, up-and-coming guitarist recording for John Hammond Sr., playing with Bob Dylan and joining the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. It then follows Michael as he creates the Electric Flag and performs to standing ovations at Monterey, records “Super Session” with Al Kooper and then pursues a career playing music on his own terms. Included are excerpts from previously unheard Bloomfield recordings as well as rare and seldom-seen photos of the guitarist.

Bloomfield also impressed Dylan when they first met at a local folk club, in 1963, an encounter that led to Dylan’s phone call in ’65 asking Bloomfield to record with him in New York. Kooper, who played organ on “Like a Rolling Stone,” actually showed up for that session expecting to play guitar. Then Bloomfield “walked in, sat down next to me, said hello and started warming up,” Kooper says. “I’d never heard anybody that good, much less somebody my age. I put my guitar in the case and slipped it under the chair. He got rid of me in five minutes.”
– Rolling Stone Magazine

Great guitarist and a very interesting documentary!

From co-director and co-editor Alex Wernquest:
Some months ago, I got into contact with David Dann, owner of, in hopes that we could take a stab at documenting a small portion of the life of Michael Bloomfield. Bloomfield is far and away my favorite guitar player and has been an incredibly inspiring musical influence to me for many years. My original pitch to David was a 5 minute (or so) video chronicling Michael’s time in New York City in the late 60’s…obviously, the project quickly gained a broader scope.

– Hallgeir

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