Feb 26: Bob Dylan plays Christchurch, New Zealand in 2003 (audio)

bob dylan new zealand 2003

I’m not sure if a live concert can get any better than this one. The
sound quality was excellent, the guitar work of Tony and Larry just
amazing and Bob’s piano work really does add new colour. I feel George is far too busy as a drummer and there were times when both Bob and Tony seemed to be trying to communicate to him how the songs should go. Billy does not have the finesse of Charlie but hopefully he will listen to what is happening and develop. Anni DiFranco referred to Mr Dylan and his killer band, how good would this band be with Garth Hudson on organ?
~Les Memory (boblinks.com)

Westpac Trust Entertainment Centre
Christchurch, New Zealand
26 February 2003

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Bill Burnette (guitar)
  • Larry Campbell (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
  • Tony Garnier (bass)
  • George Recile (drums & percussion)

  1. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
  2. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  3. Highway 61 Revisited
  4. Just Like A Woman
  5. Things Have Changed
  6. Cold Irons Bound
  7. Mr. Tambourine Man
  8. Desolation Row
  9. Girl From The North Country
  10. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
  11. Tell Me That It Isn’t True
  12. Honest With Me
  13. Bye And Bye
  14. Summer Days
  15. Blowin’ In The Wind
  16. Like A Rolling Stone
  17. All Along The Watchtower


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  1. Regards the question for the ages about what Garth Hudson would add to a band fronted by Bob Dylan~ Mr. Hudson has enhanced every ensemble he played with. Evidence of his work with Mr, D is on record from 1966 thru 1974. Levon Helm felt that “as long as Garth is there, it is still The Band,”

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