Jerry Garcia plays Bob Dylan

Jerry and Bob1

Today we are looking at cover versions done by Jerry Garcia not with The Grateful Dead (we did a post with “The Dead”). He really knows what to pick, he finds those songs that suits his singing/playing style.

I like Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia more and more these days.

jerry and bob 2

Jerry Garcia Band – Tough Mama (October 13, 1982, audio):

Jerry Garcia Band – Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power) (audio):

Jerry Garcia Band – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door(November 12, 1991):


Jerry Garcia Band – I Shall Be Released(November 9, 1991 Hampton, Va. set2-05):

Jerry Garcia Band – Tangled Up in Blue (1991):

Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders – Positively 4th street (1973, Audio):

Jerry Garcia and John Kahn – When I Paint My Masterpiece (Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, January 31, 1986):

Jerry Garcia and John Kahn – It Takes A Lot To Laugh (May 5th, 1982,Oregon State Prison, Audio):

Jerry Garcia – It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (full band version, audio, Live at Keystone):

Jerry Garcia – Visions of Johanna (Studio Version):

Jerry Garcia Band – Forever Young (Oakland, October 31, 1986):

jerry and bob 3

Jerry Garcia Band – Simple Twist of Fate  (November 18, 1993):

– Hallgeir

I could not find any versions of (I know he has played it):
Jerry Garcia – Wicked Messenger

6 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia plays Bob Dylan”

  1. Glad that more and more fans of Dylan are discovering the magic of Jerry!

    I was fortunate enough (may I say blessed?) to catch alot of it between 1983-1990!!

    Not so sure “Forever Young” is from ’86; Jerry was still recovering from coma and I believe his first public appearance after his illness later that year was with the Grateful Dead in Oakland in december. It looks and sounds to me as if the above clip is from his stint on Broadway in ’87.

    In any case, great selections!!!

    Werner Kehl

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      It is always a pleasure to read about our readers experiences and views about the artists that we do posts on.

      Thanks again.

      – Hallgeir

    2. Jerry’s first shows back were with JGB at the Stone followed by the Halloween show at the Kaisers. The Oakland Col. show was his first show with the Grateful Dead. The Werewolves of London from Halloween is sublime.

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