My Morning Jacket covers Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s songs have become part of the great American songbook and there are a lot of artists covering his compositions. My Morning Jacket is one of the best and most interesting of the contemporary bands around, and their covers of Dylan are all good, some are great.

In honor of Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary, a number of musical heavyweights came together for a new Bob Dylan cover album.  Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International had a wonderful cover of  “You’re a Big Girl Now” done by My Morning Jacket.

This made me check around to see if My Morning Jacket had done more songs by Dylan and they had.

The Man in Me:

From the 2007 Todd Haynes film I’m Not There, Jim James of My Morning Jacket performs Bob Dylan’s Going To Acapulco, backed by Calexico. The song originally appeared on the Bob Dylan album The Basement Tapes, with Dylan backed by The Band. Recorded in West Saugerties NY, in 1967 during informal recording sessions at a house called Big Pink, using a set of microphones on loan from Peter Paul and Mary, the underground classic was not released until 1975.

Goin to Acapulco (Jim James and Calexico):

Tonight I’ll be staying here with you (a bit heavy bass sound, but good anyway):

Billy 4 (2004 Fort Worth TX):

My Morning Jacket and a whole lot of friends covering Bob Dylan, Rainy Day Woman #12 and 35:

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