November 7: Joni Mitchell covers Bob Dylan – Happy 75th birthday Joni!

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is, in addition to being a great singer/songwriter, a tremendous interpreter of other people’s songs. We have dug up three songs written by Bob Dylan and sung by the very talented Joni Mitchell.

Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash – Girl from the North Country (from The Johnny Cash show):

Joni Mitchell – It’s all over now, Baby Blue (audio) It was recorded as part of Joni Mitchell’s Night Ride Home sessions (released February 1991):

Joni Mitchell with Pete Seger – Mr. Tambourine Man (audio, Oct 18, 1970):

– Hallgeir

2 thoughts on “November 7: Joni Mitchell covers Bob Dylan – Happy 75th birthday Joni!”

  1. Hallgeir:I first met Joni when she and her husband were coffeehouse singers In Port Huron , Mi. I was traveling as a guitarist and singer with “The Belafonte Singers” a group that Harry used on occasion for recording and concert dates. As a group we were good enough to be out on our own touring all over the US and Canada. Along with Miriam Makeba we were part of his stable. Harry did not personally participate in what seemed like an endless tour of Community Concert appearances but his stand-in was so good that we seldom got complaints. Joni and I shared some songs and I was blown away by her voice and songwriting. I had already carved out a niche as a classical troubadour In NYC, and I told her she should catch the next train to the Village for I was sure she was bound for glory. I was friends with Bobby, Van Ronk, Jose Feliciano (who made his debut on the NYC scene as an opening act for me when I was on top of the Bill at Gerde’s Folk City back in the early 1960s, I guess we know how that turned out.) In the early days I was drawn to Bobby ’cause he would sing anything that had words and a melody. I aspired to that as well but I was pretty well shouted down by the purists who didn’t like a singer with a legit voice singing folk songs. Suze Rotolo even told me once that “Bobby doesn’t like the kind of music you sing, but he likes the way you sing it.” and he remembered me well enough to give me a mention on page 260 of “Chronicles.” Now at age 83 I’ve made several videos of Bobby’s songs, the first was “Tomorrow is a Long Time” which also tells the story of how I learned it personally from him. Most recently I’ve done my version of “Baby Blue.” My voice is well seasoned by many songs and many years but now I sing Bobby’s songs and the comments on all four videos are very positive. Even though I felt like a tired old troubadour the day we shot this one I did it in one take. I do not use auto tune, it’s stripped down to “what you hear is what you get.” Here’s the link: I hope you take a look at it, you might like it.

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