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Bob Dylan´s Gospel Years Part 5: Saturday Night Live Performance

In the autumn, Dylan made what many found a surprising appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live” on NBC-TV on October 20, performing three of the songs from the album, backed by five musicians and three female gospel singers ( and looking, despite the fire- and -brimstone lyrics sung, strangely tame: almost domesticated).
-Michael Gray (Bob Dylan Encyclopedia)

He sang three songs that night. The least memorable was the first, a reluctantly delivered “Gotta Serve Somebody,” complete with a botched lyric. The other two — a passionate acoustic “I Believe in You” and, finally, a proselytizingly blazing “When You Gonna Wake Up” highlighted by searing support from Terry Young (organ) and Fred Tackett (lead guitar) — remain transcendent to this day.
-Villagevoice (Saturday Night Live’s Forty Essential Music Moments, Ranked)

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Mick Jagger with Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck

Mick Jagger was joined by Win Butler & Co. to perform a new version of the Rolling Stones’ 1965 hit “The Last Time.”  on Saturday Night Live last Saturday. Then he was joined by The Foo Fighters for “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It).” Last he did a new song: “Tea Party” about the precidential Election Campaign featuring Jeff Beck leading his group to back up Mick Jagger as he sings about how he sees  this year’s Romney-Obama battle at the polls.

The Last time w/Arcade Fire:

With The Foo Fighters, a medley consisting of 19th nervous breakdown and It’s only rock’n roll:


Mick Jagger & Jeff Beck, Tea Party:

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