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New Bob Dylan street art found at Utsira island in Norway

Photo: Karen Marie Skare

The artists are “la staa” the Bob piece and “Stik” made the one on the windmill both as part of the project UTSIRART.

“The island famously known as one of Europe’s best places for bird spotting, will become one of the most windblown and picturesque backdrops for modern European street art. You can reach Utsira by ferry from Haugesund, only few hours away from the streetart mekka Stavanger – known for its famous NUART FESTIVAL. The artists will be working between August 1st and 5th, but you can enjoy the art for months to come!'”
UTSIRART’s facebook page


photo and art: la staa

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Bob Dylan Street Art Part 2

new bob sa 2 street-art-by-alec-on-melrose-1

I do not know the artist on all these pieces, but this one is by Alec (also included in part 1). It can be found on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.

Alec (from New York):

Growing up in NYC I was immensely influence by graffiti 
in the streets. It wasn’t until later in grade school that I started writing my name in public places. Art for me is so much realer in the streets

(via Thedirtfloor.com)

There are lot of street art inspired by Dylan, mostly quotes from his songs, but there are also some very striking works depicting Bob Dylan.




Location-Based Music App Brings Bob Dylan’s New Album To Life In 100+ Locations Around The World

new bob sa 12

The Creators Project: Last we spoke, you were working with sound recordings of famous people’s lives, now your dabbling in album releases of the legends! Tell us about it.
DJ Manero: The new project is still audio, but now with the legend Bob Dylan. We teamed up with Bob to promote his album Tempest around the world, using our new app called Sound Graffiti.

How does the app work?
The app is location-based. People are able to go to iconic points around the world and unlock more and more content.

New bob sa 8 Bob_Dylan_Tempest_CNNCTD_sound_graffiti_lead_slide

What was the significance of the locations?
A few are locations relevant to some of Bob’s album art. Like Jones Street in New York, from the Free Wheelin’ album cover, around the corner from his studio at 161 West 4th Street. Other locations were where he had performed and the rest are locations where music or art is an attraction. We wanted to tag local mom-and-pop and indie record stores to drive traffic to some original music retailers.




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