Today: Rest in Peace Phil Everly Two films about The Everly Brothers


Phil Everly made  a wonderful and important contribution to music history. We are so sad to hear that a great hero of ours is gone. Thank you for your sweet harmony, Phil.

phil everly

We have dug up two fine documentaries about The Everly Brothers and their influence in music history, both are fantastic and a fitting celebration on this sad day.

The Life and Times of the Everly Brothers chronicles the
lives of the famous Everly Brothers. This singing duo made
of brothers Don and Phil is considered one of the most
relevant artists of the country and rock-and-roll genre.

With comments by:

Frankie Avalon
Peter Asher
Warren Zevon
Waddy Wachtel
Ted Everly (cousin)
Jason Everly (Phil’s son)
Chet Atkins
Felice Bryant (songwriter)
Snuff Garrett (record producer)
Ron Coleman (bass player)

The Life and Times of the Everly Brothers:

The Next is, Songs of Innocence and Experience (1984), part of the BBC Arena series, shows the Everly Brothers as they trace their lineage, starting in their coal mining hometown of Muhlenburg County, Kentucky. With performances from the Everly’s and their family.

Songs of Innocence and Experience:

– Hallgeir