Video of the day: Neil Young BBC documentary Don’t Be Denied

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“One of the funniest things about making this film were the doom merchants who popped up regularly during our research, like the fortune tellers that litter epic Greek tales. Neil will never talk about this or that, this will all end in tears, it will never happen.

But it did- with the help of a great production team, Warner Records UK and not least Neil’s very helpful organisation in California.”
– Ben Whalley (Director)

I have a lot(!) of Neil Young documentaries/films/concert footage lying around, and this is the best of it all (…no, it was not me who uploaded it on YouTube, thanks to the original uploader). Neil Young really opens up and the live footage is spectacular. Young is very much aware of his “difficult” personality, his quest for great art is his most important task in life. The film explores how Young’s unflinching dedication to the muse has created an impressive body of work and bruised a lot of people along the way. But he is also a warm and funny person. This docu was also shown in the American Masters series on PBS in the US.

The film ends with Neil Young playing an anti-Bush anthem to a Republican audience in the South, still refusing to be denied.

BBC Neil Young documentary – Don’t Be Denied:

– Hallgeir

3 thoughts on “Video of the day: Neil Young BBC documentary Don’t Be Denied”

  1. Isn’t it true that Neil Young tried to save Lionel Train manufacturing and that he managed to secure a few more years (6) in the States before it was outsourced to China and Korea (not Mexico as you say). Neil Young played a minor part in the company. It is quite harsh to put all this on Neil Young’s shoulders I think.

    …but thanks for your comment anyway 🙂

    – Hallgeir

  2. “Don’t be denied.” Try telling that to all of the factory workers he laid-off from the Lionel Train manufacturing plant, so that he could send their jobs down to Mexico. Neil Dung, rockin’ in the free market world.

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