Bob Dylan: House of Gold (Hank Williams) Audio & Video

bob dylan 1989 - hank williams

Bob Dylan: House of Gold (Hank Williams)

I started writing songs after I heard Hank Williams.
~Bob Dylan (The Les Crane Show, Feb 1965)

If it wasn’t for Elvis and Hank Williams, I couldn’t be doing what I do today.
~Bob Dylan (to Robert Shelton, June 1978)

The tune utilized on ‘House Of Gold’ is an obvious variant of Williams’ own ‘Lost
Highway’. Williams’ original recording was made in 1949 as a demo and released, with
overdubs, in April 1951 (Polydor 833-752). It is currently available on the “Complete
Hank Williams” box set (Mercury Records, 2000). See entry for ‘Honky Tonk Blues’ for a
biography of Hank Williams.
~The songs he didn’t write (Derek Barker)

People steal, they cheat and lie
For wealth and what it will buy
Don’t they know on the judgement day
That their gold and silver will melt away

I’d rather be in a deep, dark grave
And know that my poor soul was saved
Than to live in this world in a house of gold
And deny my God and doon my soul

Hank Williams version:

Patty Griffin (live video):

Bob Dylan

Jesus said ,come on to me
I’ll break sin’s chains and set you free
I´ll carry you to a home on high
Where you´ll never, never die

What good is gold and silver, too
When your heart’s not good and true
Sinner hear me when I say
Fall down on your knees and pray

Jesus died there on the cross
So this world would not be lost
Sinner hear now what I say
For someday you ´ll have to pay

What good is gold and silver too
If your heart’s not good and true
Sinner, hear me when I say
Fall down on your knees and pray

Dylan played this Hank Williams song a couple of times in 1989. The first performance was
on June 15, at Palacio De Los Deportes, in Madrid, Spain. The song was then rehearsed
for the 1990 Summer Tour of North America but was not played on the tour.
~The songs he didn’t write (Derek Barker)

Actually he played it only twice on the 89-tours:

  • Madrid, Spain – 15 June 1989
  • Athens, Greece – 28 June 1989

Here is the a video of the Madrid performance:

..and I can’t find any audio published of the Athens performance at this time.

Please send me a link or comment on the post if you know of one.

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