5 good cover versions of Bob Dylan’s Not Dark Yet

bob dylan not dark yet

“Not Dark Yet” is a song by Bob Dylan, released on his 1997 album Time Out of Mind and also as the first single on August 25, 1997. The song appears on the album The Passion of the Christ: Songs Inspired by The Passion of the Christ, and also features on the Wonder Boys soundtrack. It is also played in the ending part of the documentary Why We Fight.

Many people have tried to do a cover of the track, some did a good job. I have picked some of the best.

Micah P Hinson – Not Dark Yet:

Bobby Long & John Fullbright – Not Dark Yet (Sofar DFW):

Robyn Hitchcock – Not Dark Yet:

Megan Bonnell – Not Dark Yet(audio):

Jimmy LaFave – Not Dark Yet (North Shore Point House Concerts 2013):

– Hallgeir

2 thoughts on “5 good cover versions of Bob Dylan’s Not Dark Yet”

  1. Nice compilation, thanks! Certainly, Not Dark Yet ranks as one of Dylan’s very best songs/recordings of the past thirty-odd years. I listened to the entirety of two of the above performances and portions of the three others. None of them approach the TOOM version!! (I’m a pretty big Robyn Hitchcock fan–the Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight and his first solo record Black Snake Diamond Role are two of my favorite albums. But, this is one of the least enjoyable of his plethora of Dylan tributes/covers…to these ears.

    Have ye a favorite live Dylan version (or two)?

    1. It’s hard to pick one favorite, but three that have impressed me are John Doe’s Pressing on, Jim James (and Calexico) with Going To Acapulco and Tom Jones’s What Good Am I. Even so, I think Dylan does them better. I even think that All Along the Watchtower is better when Bob Dylan does it, not just live but on the original recording.

      Thanks for the comment

      – Hallgeir

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