A Collection of Bob Dylan themed cartoons (part 2)

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A Collection of Bob Dylan themed cartoons (part 2)

I’m collecting Dylan cartoons/jokes and here are some of them, there will be more of these if they’re wanted.

Some of these are political editorial cartoons some are just plain jokes, some are funny, some are stupid. Please leave a link to or post your favourite cartoons in the commentaries.

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pondus bdc2

just like a woman bdc2

batman bdc2

bdc2 parisi


Bobby D.'s bdc2

50 th year breeting bdc2

sponge bob bdc2

superheroes bdc2

false lyrics bdc2

godly blessed bdc2

watchtower bdc2

harmonica bdc2



“You've got those Stuck-in-the-Subway-Listening-to-a-Guy-Massacre-Dylan Blues."

“You’ve got those Stuck-in-the-Subway-Listening-to-a-Guy-Massacre-Dylan Blues.”


– Hallgeir

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    1. Thankyou!

      ..they’re great, but maybe too serious art for this kind of “jokes” collection. Maybe I’ll do a more artful/illustration type post in the future, so thanks again

      – Hallgeir

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