A Collection of Bob Dylan themed cartoons (part 1)

dylan clown mask

A Collection of Bob Dylan themed cartoons (part 1)

I’m collecting Dylan cartoons/jokes and here are some of them, there will be more of these if they’re wanted.

Some of these are political editorial cartoons some are just plain jokes, some are funny, some are stupid. Please leave a link to or post your favourite cartoons in the commentaries.

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next-bob-dylan-needs edit Why Bob Dylan never made it through college. mick-stevens-if-you-could-be-any-bob-dylan-you-wanted-to-which-bob-dylan-would-you-be-new-yorker-cartoonbob_dylan_color_cartoon

Harmonica Jokes

CobDylan baby_bob_dylan  White-Bob-Dylan-s-Friend-Men-s-Tees

Knockin on Heaven’s Door:


dylan-in-china knocking 2dylan cartoon knockingDylanCartoon

Strangely unfunny after the release of his latest album…:

dylan_standards_cartoondylan standards cartoon 2  isis_cartoon

Birthday cartoons:

Peanuts-Bob-Dylans-Birthday-634x544  bob_dylan_and_george_harrison_by_aruanahansel-d3h2zkuDanzinger-Dylan

– Hallgeir

9 thoughts on “A Collection of Bob Dylan themed cartoons (part 1)”

  1. Wonderful! Please keep them coming…can you possibly find a several-page story from MAD Magazine, from 1969 or 1970 I think, that was a hippie version of The Wizard of Oz, and Dylan in full 1966 glory was the Scarecrow? It was quite well done, but I’ve never seen it since…Also, the New Yorker did a pretty funny cartoon maybe 20 years ago in which barnyard farm animals did Dylan performances.

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