Aaslandbros and Trond Eltervaag Hansen sings Girl from the North Country


If you’re traveling in the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
For she was once a true love of mine.

Girl from the North Country” (occasionally known as “Girl of the North Country”) is a song written by Bob Dylan. It was first released in 1963 as the second track on Dylan’s second studio album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Dylan re-recorded the song as a duet with Johnny Cash in 1969. That recording became the first track on Nashville Skyline, Dylan’s ninth studio album.

This is a cover version of the Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan duet and it is very well done!

Live at Folken, Stavanger (Norway)  Aaslandbros 5 year anniversary as a Johnny Cash Tribute Band:


The original performed at the Johnny Cash Show:

– Hallgeir