Afghan Whigs top 10 cover songs

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We saw Afghan Whigs at last years Oyafestival and of the 80 concerts I saw in 2012 I rated them on third place. What struck me was not only the great live versions of their own songs, but their very clever choices of cover songs.

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And it was funky as hell!

I started to dig around the interweb and found a lot of very good cover versions done by Afghan Whigs, these are my ten favourites:

1.  See and don’t see – Afghan Whigs:

“Man, these words are kind of desperate and lonely, and they’re surrounded by this funky song. I might have to strip this one down someday.” – Greg Dulli

Originally by Marie Queenie Lyons:

2. Lovecrimes – Afghan Whigs (Frank Ocean cover):

“LoveCrimes came to me immediately. I had played around with that one maybe a week after I heard it. When I was looking to have something to play with the guys—we jam covers all the time…we had it down in half an hour. So that one was very, very natural.” – Greg Dulli (to AV Club)

3. True love travels on a gravel road (audio only) – Afghan Whigs (Nick Lowe):

4. Superstition (and Going to Town) – Afghan Whigs (Stevie Wonder):

5. Beast of Burden – Afghan Whigs (Rolling Stones):

6. Lost in the Supermarked – Afghan Whigs (The Clash)with a clever use of the Train in Vain drum intro:

7. If I only had a heart – Afghan Whigs (from The Wizard of Oz):

8. Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe – Afghan Whigs (Barry White):

9. Everything Flows (audio only) – Afghan Whigs (Teenage Fanclub):

10. Creep (audio only) – Afghan Whigs (TLC):

Greg Dulli also did some great cover versions with The Twilight Singers but that’s another post…

– Hallgeir (the photos are from Oyafestival 2012 and taken by me)

26 thoughts on “Afghan Whigs top 10 cover songs”

    1. They have so many! I knew they did many cover songs, but, my God, I did not know how many they have done!

      Thanks for the comments.


      – Hallgeir

  1. wanted to offer up “Lost In The Supermarket”, a Clash cover on the Clash tribute album Burning London. great version.

  2. They went through a phase of playing [my favourite Whigs song ever] “When We Two Parted” and segueing into a cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor”. If you haven’t heard bootlegs with it on, you really should. That should be at #1 in this list 🙂

    Still, whatever the Whigs cover, they can make uniquely their own…

    1. I haven’t heard Dark end of the street performed by Afghan Whigs, I need to find that one

      …and I didn’t know that Come see about me was a cover song, who has the original?

      Thanks for the comment!

      – Hallgeir

    1. I can only find it by The Twilight Singers (with Greg on vocals of course), are you sure that The Afghan Whigs covered it?

      Please send me a link if you find it.

      – Hallgeir

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