Bob Dylan: 10 concert videos you MUST see from the 90’s


When I chose these 10 must-see Dylan concert videos, I emphasized on performance 70% & video/sound quality 30%.

I’ve only chosen among videos published here @, they are all available here:

Please drop a comment, lead me to great Dylan videos from the 90’s not posted on alldylan or just tell me your favorite(s).

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Todaiji Temple
Nara, Japan
22 May 1994

Performance ******
Video & Sound ******
comment The event & the orchestra, Dylan was way out of his comfort zone & performed out of this world. Probably the best Dylan video from the 90’s.

I Want You

Hammersmith Odeon
London, England
8 February 1990

Performance ******
Video & Sound ****
comment Tight band, high energy & just a brilliant “I Want You”.

Ring Them Bells

The Supper Club
New York City, New York
16 or 17 November 1993

Performance ******
Video & Sound *****
comment  One of many highlights from the 4 Supper Club concerts. Sublime.

Masters Of War

Woodstock ‘94
Saugerties, New York
14 August 1994

Performance ******
Video & Sound ******
comment  Restrained & tight. Very different & utterly beautiful MOW.

Shelter From the Storm

Kongresový sál
Palác kultury
Prague, Czech Republic
11 March 1995

Performance ******
Video & Sound ***
comment Had to include 2 videos from 95.
Love this concert, a sick Dylan pouring out a graceful, totally different and quiet version of this masterpiece.

Mr. Tambourine Man

Aston Villa Leisure Centre
Birmingham, England
2 April 1995

Performance ******
Video & Sound ****
comment He performed quiet a few killer versions of this masterpiece in spring 95. This is one of them.

Not Dark Yet

University Of Illinois
Champaign, Illinois
27 October 1999

Performance *****
Video & Sound *****
comment There were a couple of great NDY’s to choose from, I landed on the Champaign version.


Centrum Arena
Worcester, Massachusetts
14 November 1999

Performance *****
Video & Sound *****
comment The only “Highlands” video I’ve seen.
Just a brilliant performance.

My Back Pages

Target Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
23 October 1998

Performance *****
Video & Sound *****
comment This was my 98 choice, Love Minus Zero – Newcastle came close.
A great performance, a fantastic band, beautiful vocal & a nice harmonica ending.

The Sound Of Silence

World Arena
Colorado Springs, Colorado
6 June 1999

Performance *****
Video & Sound *****
comment One of my fav Dylan duets (there are not many of them). Dylan & Simon connected well here, beautiful singing, and when he finally got the harmonica he nailed it.

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  1. OOHYEAH ! My summary of Bob Dylan I have said so much about loving Dylan’s singing , songwriting , poetry , self will , humility and brilliance across the board , but we can have all these gifts and without hard-work and faith you would be just a money hungry 0. All these songs are a good example of what he could do & much more to come. I know Dylan is’ t the 2ND COMING BUT FEW ARE AS HARDWORKING a servant and loved as a real deal !!

  2. Check out Dont think twice from Cardiff 23-9-2000, the harp solo was worth the price of the ticket on its own but the whole show is amazing and there is a full audience dvd available with great sound.

  3. How great is bob!!!!his greatness never fails to amaze me!!!even after 30 years of being a huge fan!! there are so many incredible versions of his songs!! i love the prague Simple twist…, ,but for my money an even more amazing version is from melbourne,19th august 1998,words fail me on this version,just WOW!!!!

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