Bob Dylan: 4 Great versions of “Tomorrow Is A Long Time” (video & audio)

bob dylan & suze rotolo

Yeah, Elvis Presley. I liked Elvis Presley… Elvis Presley recorded a song of mine. That’s the one recording I treasure the most… It was called Tomorrow Is A Long Time. I wrote it but never recorded it.
~Bob Dylan (to Jann Wenner, Nov 1969)

“Tomorrow Is a Long Time” is an example of an exceptional Dylan song from 1962-63 that as far as we know he never chose to record in any of his Columbia studio sessions, although many lesser songs were recorded, sometimes more than once.
~Paul Williams (Bob Dylan Performing Artist I: The Early Years 1960-1973 )

Here are 6 fantastic live versions of this beautiful love song.

“New Morning outtake” (1970)

Belleview Biltmore Hotel
Clearwater, Florida
17 April 1976
Rehearsals before tour.

Rundown Studios
Santa Monica, California
January 1978

Roma Palaeur
Rome, Italy
3 October 1987


AND we need to include an Elvis Presley version as well..

Recorded by Elvis on Thursday, 26 May 1966;   Alternate Masters Vol. 02


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  1. What baffles me is that the weird but still beautiful and inventive version of the New Morning sessions was not included in the Another Self Portrait collection instead of the stupid overdub versions of New Morning and Sign on the Window that went straight agains the whole concept of stripped down songs. In retrospect I must even admit that my initial enthousiasm of that set has diminished. I still enjoy a lot of tracks of my vinyl set, but it doesn’t work as a whole for me, like Tell Tale. There’s to much that I want to skip, especially in the latter half: The Nashville Skyline bits, nice but not really different, the live section, better functioning with the rest of that material of Wight, the dispensable first Time passes Slowly and second Went to see the Gypsy and like I said, the overdubbed songs, they irritate me even, take me out of the cool atmosphere of the other incredible stuff.

  2. Check out this video of the first time I heard Bobby sing this song. This is how I remember it from 1962 some 50+ years ago in Greenwich Village. Bobby. Suze Rotolo and I were friends at that time.

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