Bob Dylan – On This Day – September 2

bob-dylan-and-bruce-springsteen 1995

“The performers who changed my life were individuals, They didn’t conform to any sense of reality but their own. The last performer who stood up to be counted as an original is Bruce Springsteen, I think. Individuals move me, not mobs. People with originality, whether it’s Hector, Achilles, Ted Turner or Jerry Lee Lewis or Hank Williams.”
~Bob Dylan (to Edna Gundersen, August 2006)

Historic event

September 2 – 1969

bob dylan sara heathrow 1969

Dylan and Sara fly from Heathrow to Kennedy airport, where Dylan tells waiting members of the press, “they make too much of singers over there.”
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)

September 2 – 1995

Cleveland Stadium
Cleveland, Ohio
Opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

  1. All Along The Watchtower
  2.  Just Like A Woman
  3. Seeing The Real You At Last
  4. Highway 61 Revisited
  5. Forever Young

Bruce Springsteen joins Dylan & share vocals with him on “Forever Young”.

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  • 1988 – Orange County Fair, Wesleylian University, Middletown, NY, USA
  • 1990 – Riverfront Theater, Hannibal, MO, USA
  • 1992 – The Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • 1993 – Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 1999 – Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
  • 2006 – Doubleday Field, Cooperstown, NY, USA
  • 2012 – Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, Bethel, New York. USA



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