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Bob Dylan – On This Day – September 01

Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan in Aspen, Colorado September 2002.
Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan in Aspen, Colorado September 2002.

“I remember Joe Strummer said that when he first heard my records, I’d already been there and gone. And in a way that’s kind of true. It was like a flying saucer landed… that’s what the sixties were like. Everybody heard about it but only a few really saw it.”
~Bob Dylan (to Cameron Crowe Interview – August-September 1985)

Historic event

September 1 – 1969
On September 1st 1969, after The Isle of Wight Festival, Dylan arrived by helicopter at Tittenhurst Park to meet John and Yoko, he refused to participate in a recording session at Ascot Sound Studios, although he did unwind and relax with John and Yoko at Tittenhurst before flying back to the States.
~John Lennon Bible

September 1 – 1975
Dylan attends the marriage of his cousin, Linda Goldfine, at the Temple Israel Camp in Minneapolis, performing at the reception with a handful of local musicians, singing “Forever Young” and Kenny Loggins’s “A Love Song.”
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)

(probably) September 1 – 2002
Hangin’ out with Hunter S. Thompson in Aspen, Colorado.

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Studio work

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Bob Dylan – On This Day – August 30


“I know in my own mind what I’m doing. If anyone has imagination, he’ll know what I’m doing. If they can’t understand my songs they’re missing something. If they can’t understand green clocks, wet chairs, purple lamps or hostile statues, they’re missings something, too.”
~Bob Dylan (to Robert Shelton – August 1965)


Dylan’s sixth album and his first fully fledged eagle-flight into rock. Revolutionary and stunning, not just for its energy, freshness and panache but in its vision: fusing radical electric music—electric music as the embodiment of our whole out-of-control, nervouenergy-fuelled, chaotic civilization—with lyrics that were light-years ahead of anyone else’s, Dylan here unites the force of blues-based rock’n’roll with the power of poetry.
~Michael Gray (Bob Dylan Encyclopedia)

“Highway 61 Revisited” (1965)

From Wikipedia:

Released August 30, 1965
Recorded Columbia Studio A, 799 Seventh Avenue, New York, June 15 – August 4, 1965
Genre Rock, folk rock
Length 51:26
Label Columbia
Producer Bob Johnston, Tom Wilson on “Like a Rolling Stone”

Highway 61 Revisited is the sixth studio album by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. It was released in August 1965 by Columbia Records. On his previous album, Bringing It All Back Home, Dylan devoted Side One of the album to songs accompanied by an electric rock band, and Side Two to solo acoustic numbers. For Highway 61 Revisited, Dylan used rock backing on every track, except for the closing 11-minute acoustic song, “Desolation Row”. Critics have written that Dylan’s ability to combine driving, complex, blues-based rock music with the power of poetry made Highway 61 Revisited one of the most influential albums ever recorded.

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Bob Dylan recording Highway 61 Revisited in Columbia Studio A New York Summer 1965 Photograph by Don Hunstein


  • 1992 – The Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • 1998 – Townsville Breakwater Entertainment Centre, Townsville, QLD, Australia
  • 2002 – Outdoor Amphitheater, Deer Valley, Snow Park Lodge, Park City, UT, USA
  • 2006 – Frontier Field, Rochester, NY, USA
  • 2008 – Snowmass Town Park Main Festival Stage, Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival, Snowmass Village, Colorado, USA
  • 2012 – Wicomico Youth And Civic Center, Salisbury, Maryland


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Bob Dylan – On This Day – August 29

bob dylan tennis 1969

“People say music is intended to elevate the spirit. But you’ve got a lot of groups and lyrics projecting emptiness and giving you nothing, less than nothing because they’re taking up your time. Music, should aim for the soul not the groin. It’s not difficult to get people throbbing in their guts. That can lead them down an evil path if that’s all they’re getting. You gotta put something on top of that.”
~Bob Dylan to Edna Gundersen, August, 1990

Historic event

August 29, 1969 – Isle Of Wight

george harrison tennis 1969

After a friendly game of tennis, Dylan, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and The Band indulge in a jam session “in the barn where Bob had been rehearsing for the previous four days with the Band.”
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)


BD - album-modern-times

Modern Times – released August 29, 2006

Modern Times is the thirty-second studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on August 29, 2006 by Columbia Records. The album was Dylan’s third straight (following Time Out of Mind and Love and Theft) to be met with nearly universal praise from fans and critics. It continued its predecessors’ tendencies toward blues, rockabilly and pre-rock balladry, and was self-produced by Dylan under the pseudonym “Jack Frost”. Despite the acclaim, the album sparked some debate over its uncredited use of choruses and arrangements from older songs, as well as many lyrical lines taken from the work of 19th-century poet Henry Timrod.

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The single: Someday Baby was also released August 29, 2006


  • 1988 – Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 1989 – Pan American Center, Las Cruces, NM, USA
    For their first show in New Mexico, Dylan and the band open with an instrumental “El Paso.” They conclude the show with the same song.
    ~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)
  • 1990 – Minnesota State Fair, Falcon Heights, MN, USA
    Dylan begins opening with a brief instrumental version of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” “Joey” returns to the set, and “Friend of the Devil” is retained from Merriville.
    ~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)
  • 1992  – The Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN, USA –
  • 1993  – Tinley Park World Of Music, Chicago, IL, USA –
  • 1994  – Michigan State Fair, State Fair Grounds, Detroit, MI, USA –
  • 1997  – Midway Stadium, St. Paul, MN, USA –
  • 2004  – Mayo Field, Rochester, MN, USA –
  • 2006  – New Britain Stadium, New Britain, CT, USA
  • 2010 – McMenamins Historic Edgefield Manor, Troutdale, Oregon
  • 2012 – Cambria County War Memorial Arena, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • 2014 – Royal Theatre, Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory, Australia


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Bob Dylan Calendar August 28

bob dylan joan baez 1963

“You gotta stick it out though. That’s all there really is at the end of the line in this business. B.B. King and Chuck Berry are still working. Little Richard is as good now as he was then.”
~Bob Dylan to Edna Gundersen, August, 1990

Historic event

The March on Washington – 1963

Lincoln Memorial,
Washington, District Of Columbia
28 August 1963
March On Washington (Washington Rights March).

Martin Luther king March on washington 1963

bob dylan 1963

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Bob Dylan Calendar August 27


“People can learn everything about me through my songs, if they know where to look. They
can juxtapose them with certain other songs and draw a clear picture. But why would anyone
want to know about me? It’s ridiculous.”
~Bob Dylan to Edna Gundersen, August, 1990


The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969–1971) is an album of unreleased recordings, demo recordings, alternative takes mostly from Bob Dylan’s 1970 albums Self Portrait and New Morning, and a couple of live tracks from the Isle of Wight Festival (31 August 1969), released on August 27, 2013.

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Studio work

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