Classic concert: Patti Smith Group Full Concert Capitol Theatre NJ 1979

Photo: Klaus Hiltscher 1978
Photo: Klaus Hiltscher 1978

Patti Smith Group Full Concert  Capitol Theatre NJ 1979

“Redondo Beach… is the beach where women… love other women.”
– Patti Smith intro to the song, Redondo Beach

This is a gem from Music Vault, an almost two and a half hour with The Patti Smith Group right after the release of Easter. What a band and what a great time for the band and Patti Smith. They tear through the songs, the band is as tight as they get and the power is immense. I can understand Bob Dylan’s admiration of this force of nature.

Patti Smith could not have been met with a more enthusiastic home-crowd, and it’s a really great performance. This is from the year I discovered this wonderful artist (from Rockpalast 1979) But it is here in New Jersey that Patti Smith is at home and the performance really feels like she is with a familiar bunch of people.

Primal performance with a band at the top of their game!

Patti Smith – vocals
Lenny Kaye – guitar, vocals
Richard Sohl – keyboards
Ivan Kral – bass
Jay Dee Daugherty – drums

Set list:
1 – Privilege (Set Me Free)
2 – So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
3 – Dancing Barefoot
4 – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (a bit)
5 – Redondo Beach
6 – Revenge (aborted)
7 – 5-4-3-2-1
8 – Citizen Ship
9 – Ask The Angels
10 – Poppies
11 – Lenny Kaye Intro
12 – Secret Agent Man
13 – Wave (incomplete)
14 – Revenge (take 2)
15 – Pumping (My Heart)
16 – Mr. Tambourine Man
17 – Broken Flag
18 – Till Victory
19 – Ain’t It Strange
20 – Cold Turkey
21 – Because The Night
22 – Frederick
23 – Seven Ways Of Going
24 – Gloria
25 – Pledge of Allegiance / Star Spangled Banner / My Generation


– Hallgeir