Classic Documentary: Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey

blues odyssey

Classic Documentary: Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey

“I discovered music during my teenage years and after I joined the Air Force, I found that I loved music that had its roots in the sound of Black people from the Southern states.

The way I learnt about their music seemed to echo the way their forebears had taught them: it was about tradition, a tradition passed on by word of mouth. I have learned so much from the Blues, and have come to realize that there is much more to the Blues than people think.”
– Bill Wyman

Bill Wyman’s personal tribute to the music and musicians that inspired him to pick up a bass guitar and become a founder member of the ‘Greatest Rock’n’Roll Band in the World’, The Rolling Stones.

Bill personally interviews such luminaries as BB King, Buddy Guy & Sam Phillips, in a global journey documenting the history of blues music, this documentary is essential to anyone who has either purchased the book or has an interest in exploring the story & journey of blues music narrated by an ex-member of The Rolling Stones, the band who did so much to introduce the music to the mainstream audience.

Bill Wyman has a deep and sincere love of the blues and it shines through in this great docu. He is a life-long fan/disciple/collector of blues music, and a true expert on this genre. Here we get almost two hours with great music clips and interviews from this important musical history.

Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey (Complete documentary):

– Hallgeir