Jan 28: Bob Dylan – We Are The World recording session (video)

Dylan is part of the “We Are the World” recording session at A&M record- ing studios in Los Angeles. Arriving about 10 PM, he maintains a low profile throughout an evening of mutual backslapping. At 5:30 AM, Dylan records his solo vocal all four lines of it. He is nervous and uncertain until Stevie Wonder provides some voice-coaching and a piano backing, helping to set Dylan at ease. This moment is immortalised on the official We Are the World video.
-Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)

A & M Studios
Los Angeles, California
28 and 29 February 1985

We Are The World recording session produced by Quincy Jones.


Official video:

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  1. Bob has been quoted as saying “I ‘ve given up any attempt of perfection ” . After listening to his practice session of his part in ” We are the World ” , I am inclined to think he is a perfectionist ; as the true meaning of the word is someone who tirelessly works on a project and continues to redo it many times , because they feel themselves that the previous attempt doesn’t quite satisfy them . Perfect is a subjective viewpoint , not one that can be objectively proved to be so . A perfectionist however , often re attempts over and over until they are personally okay with final product.
    In Bob’s case we see this in his music ; he is always surprising us with great work !

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