January 8: The late great Elvis Presley was born in 1935 – here singing Bob Dylan songs

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When I first heard Elvis’ voice I just knew that I wasn’t going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss. He is the deity supreme of rock & roll religion as it exists in today’s form. Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail.
I think for a long time that freedom to me was Elvis singing “Blue Moon of Kentucky”. I thank God for Elvis.
– Bob Dylan (24 August 1987 – US magazine feature on Elvis’ death anniversary)

‘I really thought I’d be seeing Elvis soon.’
– Bob Dylan (1997)

Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977). Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll”, or simply, “the King”. Elvis Presley would have been 81 years old today.

Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and when he was 13 years old, he and his family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee.

Bob Dylan and Elvis clearly love/loved the same kind of music, blues, rock’n roll, country and gospel.

Elvis has done a few Bob Dylan songs.

Tomorrow Is A Long Time:

Yeah, Elvis Presley. I liked Elvis Presley… Elvis Presley recorded a song of mine. That’s the one recording I treasure the most… It was called Tomorrow Is A Long Time. I wrote it but never recorded it.
-Bob Dylan (November 29, 1969 – The Rolling Stone Interview, New York City)

Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright:

PC: Are there other singers you would like to sing with?
BD: Mm, sure… Elvis Presley.
-Bob Dylan (May 31, 1984 – Press Conference, Hamburg, Germany)

There’s also a 12 minute version, Recorded May 16, 1971 RCA Studios Nashville:

Blowing In The Wind (Home Recording):

Elvis Presley and friends private moment Blowing In The Wind. Elvis and friends sing along with instrumental records.10550 Rocca Place Bel Air California – 1966:

I’d like to quote like Elvis Presley did when he accepted some award. When he accepted it he said, “Without a song, the day would never end. Without a song, the road would never bend. When things go wrong, a man ain’t got a friend, without a song.”
-Bob Dylan (31 March 1986 – Acceptance speech for the ASCAP Award, Chasen’s Restaurant, Los Angeles, California)

And there’s a fantastic snippet of Elvis singing I shall Be released:

– Elvis Presley

I never wanted to be a prophet or savior. Elvis maybe. I could easily see myself becoming him.
-Bob Dylan (November 19, 2004 – Ed Bradley interview for CBS “60 Minutes” special, Northampton, MA)

-Hallgeir & Egil

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  1. I was born in 1934 and like Bobby I was impressed with another young man near my age named Elvis who was lighting up the world with his unique style. He combined country and blues with a pair of swiveling hips to quickly hit the top of the charts. My mom loved him and wanted me to wear my hair in a pompadour like him. Musically at that age I was still singing in the church choir and though I really admired Elvis for his success I was never drawn to Rock and Roll as a type of music I wanted to sing. I favored the old folk ballads which eventually led me to Greenwich Village in NYC in 1959. I met Bobby when he first arrived on the scene in 1960. This video tells the story of how I chanced to learn “Tomorrow is a Long Time” back in 1962 directly from Bobby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiPBnKph70w

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