Johnny Cash covers Bob Dylan

bob dylan & johnny cash

Johnny Cash covers Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash became friends at the 1964 Newport Folk Fest where they both performed (they had corresponded some time before this and  they bumpen into each other in New York in 63 backstage at The Gaslight cafe) , Johnny Cash the seasoned country legend and Bob Dylan the new golden boy. They spent the evening picking in Joan Baez’s hotel room with June Carter Cash, Joan Baez, Jack Elliot and others. As the story goes, Johnny Cash took Dylan aside and handed him his Martin guitar as a gift, a  gesture of honor among country musicians.

Their paths crossed on several occasions, and they recorded and performed together many times.

Here are the songs I could find where Cash covers Dylan:

Johnny Cash – Blowin’ in the wind(Nov, 1970):


Johnny Cash – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (audio):

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – It ain’t me babe (1973, Australia):

Johnny Cash – Wanted Man – Live at San Quentin:

Johnny Cash – One Too Many Mornings (audio, 1964):

Johnny Cash – Forever Young (audio, starts about 30 seconds in):

Let’s finish this post with a fine collaboration.


Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash- Girl From The North Country:

– Hallgeir

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  1. Of course “I still miss someone” is not by Dylan.

    But the performance and the degree of rapport between the two of them is, for me at least , exceptional

    1. So true, and it is worthy of it’s own post

      “Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan the collaborations” coming to a site near you…

      – Hallgeir

    1. Wanted Man should have been there I aggree, but I still miss someone is not a Dylan song so I left it out, maybe I was wrong…

      Thanks for the correction

      – Hallgeir

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