November 8: Bonnie Raitt sings Bob Dylan – happy birthday Bonnie Raitt!

bonnieRaitt is a very good Dylan interpreter! She has recorded some of his songs and do some in concerts.

Bonnie Raitt returned to the studio in 2012 with producer Joe Henry, a singer-songwriter known for his earthy stamp on albums by veterans such as Solomon Burke and Bettye LaVette. Four songs from those sessions, elegiac ballads that include two Bob Dylan covers, landed on Raitt’s album, Slipstream.


Bonnie Raitt sings Million Miles, from her album Slipstream, here in a fine live version:

Standing in the Doorway my favourite of her Dylan covers:



It’s all over now baby blue (Audio):

Let’s include some collaborations.

Marc Cohn and Bonnie Raitt – Girl from the North Country:

Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne – Highway 61:

I’m very thankful for a tip from Peter Stone Brown telling me that I had forgotten her first Dylan cover, indeed I had but here it is:

Bonnie Raitt – Let’s keep it between us (from the album, Green Light, 1982):

– Hallgeir

One thought on “November 8: Bonnie Raitt sings Bob Dylan – happy birthday Bonnie Raitt!”

  1. Hallgeir; Happy 64th to Bonnie Raitt I’ve listened to singers for better than a half century sing Bobby’s songs. I’ve always loved how well they standout in so many different interpretations and Bonnie’s is one of the best. I was an ardent admirer of her Fathers singing. His performance of the “Soliloquy” from “Carousel” is one of the most remarkable presentations of the art of singing these old ears have ever heard. listen to this link to hear an explanation of the phrase, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

    Bobby has showed us throughout his career that the landscape for music has few boundaries. Even now he continues to explore new possibilities. When he first showed up in the Village there were those that he described as “Tight minded.” who could not accept that his unusual style could be called “Good singing.” Most of us who were performers back then liked what he brought to the table and when he started writing songs, the revolution was on.

    I was lucky to have been gifted with a good voice, I’ve sung Opera, country songs, musical theater etc. but my passion has always been to walk in the paths of the Troubadours of old for I also love the guitar. Even in my 80s i continue to practice every day. Here’s a sample of how I sounded when I arrived on the scene in the 1960s. It’s an acetate demo that somehow survived for over half a century. It was recently discovered by a collector of rare recordings and though it’s been scratched and roughed up by time it still sounds like the young John Winn. Curious? Here’s the link:

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