One more cup of coffee – 5 good cover versions

Let’s start with one of the early interpretations. We are going to Eric Burdon in concert later this summer and he must have been one of the first to cover Bob Dylan’s song.

Eric Burdon Band – A live performance of ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’, Germany, April 21, 1976:

The next pick is White Stripes, a contender for best cover version ever.

The White Stripes (Under Nova Scotian Lights) –  One More Cup Of Coffee:

Here is another very, very good version by Gabriel Mayers singing at the Court Street R station in Brooklyn Heights, New York on August, 21st 2012. Wonderful voice!

First Aid Kit have done the song on a few occasions with great result. Here is a take from Live at Vara Concert Hall, Vara, Sweden, February 10, 2013:

On 24th May, 2012, Cork city musicians celebrated Bob Dylan’s 71st birthday at the Pavilion. John Lynch sang up a storm with his rendition of  One More Cup of Coffee:

– Hallgeir

14 thoughts on “One more cup of coffee – 5 good cover versions”

    1. Yes I have played them both quite a lot, and they would have been included in a top ten. Steve Earle/Lucia Micarelli almost pushed Eric Burdon out of my list


      – Hallgeir

  1. I could not find anything on this John Lynch…
    but leave it to the Irish…they can sìng!!

    1. Yes they can! 🙂

      ..I’ve seen him in a few videos, but know nothing about him. Maybe some of our readers can help?

      Thanks for the comment.

      – Hallgeir

  2. I saw First Aid Kit playing this song just before Jack White in a concert. That was awesome! I love these girls. Thanks for the video!

  3. I’m not sure I’ve come across John Lynch previously, but, my word, he wasn’t messing about was he? Tremendous stuff.

    1. Yeah, he’s an intense singer with a great voice, he really does the song justice

      Thanks for you comment

      – Hallgeir

    1. Yes, I also think that she does a nice version, but not in my top 5 (in a top 10 for certain)

      Thanks for the feedback

      – Hallgeir

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