Paal Flaata and Chip Taylor at Smio – Photo special


We have just come home from a wonderful concert. Paal Flaata and Chip Taylor played at  Smio in Vea. They had John Platania on guitar, Gøran Grini on el-piano and Paul Vikingstad was the sound guy (plus bass on the last two songs).


The show was sold out, it is a very small venue with, I think, a capacity of about 50 people. Very intimate. When the band played, they closed the toilet and they closed the bar. We were urged to listen and enjoy the music, but to do the talking before and after the show. Great rules! …and it’s sold out tomorrow as well.


Chip Taylor talked about (halfway joking) how they seriously was going to make an album and tour under the name, The 50 billion norwegian kroner quartet, as an homage to the original Million Dollar Quartet and as a sign of their love of Sun records and old rock’n roll and all those great forgotten B-sides.


I do not have a complete set-list, but these are some of the songs they played:

Weaker Moments
Block Out the Sirens of the Lonely World
Pretty Good Order
Hey Vinnie
Angel of the Morning
That’s how I love you Tonight
Sleepy Eyes
Wild Thing
Big River
Fuck All The Perfect People
Mystery Train


I got to chat a bit with Mr. Taylor, about old rock’n roll, record collecting, Jerry Lee Lewis’ great live album from the Star Club in Hamburg , Everly Brothers, the Penguins and what they were going to do next.

A very fine night out!

Good music, great stories and wonderful people.

– Hallgeir

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

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