Photo Special: The Low Frequency in Stereo live in Haugesund 2013


I attended a very good concert last night!

The Low Frequency in Stereo  played through their latest album, Pop Obskura. I don’t have the set-list, but most of the album was played. It is, kind of, a new direction for LFiS and it suits the band, more vocals and very dreamy pop (with som noisy elements of course) After that they did a sweet set of encores, old favorites in a very droning way and at the same time it was, dare I say it, funky! It was a great concert!

The new songs add a dimension to the band, and the contrast to the old stuff is very effective, love the funky bass lines on some of the new songs. When I say funky, I don’t mean in a black-funk sort of style, but more a  Talking Heads, B52‘s or Television “funk”.

Secondhand Nation:

My comparisons are not precise, The Low Frequency in Stereo is a unique band, a band on the verge of something big (if the world is remotely just…). Even if I can hear elements from the past in their music, they sound fresh and very modern. It is what the title on their new album says, obscure pop. Good pop.

It was a dark stage and the shots are what they are, but look at my “artistic expressions” and not the technical stuff.

Put on the album (it is now on Spotify), look at the pictures and relive the concert (or go buy a ticket to their next show if you haven’t seen them, they’re worth every penny).

Supporting LFiS was Palmface, I have written a bit about them earlier (they played support for I Was a King) and they keep improving. A very promising young indie-pop outfit, looking forward to follow them in the future. They did a good job, and I took a few pictures of them. Check at the end of this post.







low 2









– Hallgeir (photo)



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